[Solved] Engrave mode problems between Elements and Pro

I collaborate with several folks making scores, simplified parts, adding bowings, etc. So it’s important that I know exactly how their Elements scores interact with my Pro version.

I received a score from one of them today, created in Elements (which doesn’t have Engrave mode). When I opened it and switched to Engrave mode, it does not allow me to edit the master pages.

When I try to double click on a master page to edit it, it switches to the full score, and doesn’t allow me to edit anything. The page layouts on the right panel (with page numbers) disappear until I switch to another mode, then switch back.

Is this expected behavior? Shouldn’t I be able to fully edit master pages in Pro, even if the score was created in Elements?

Solved. I had opened the score directly from the email attachment, which was probably creating a temp file in an application folder.

When I dragged the file to the desktop and then opened it, Engrave mode worked correctly.

I’m assuming this is the reason. I’ll leave this post up in case others find it helpful. Thanks.