Solved:Erase Background option wont get saved to Default

I enable this options and save it as default but when I open a new session it is unchecked.
is it a bug?

It’s project specific. When you say “open a new session” do you mean the same project, or a different project, or a new project? If you mean a new project, have you saved as default? If you mean another existing project, have you saved as default in the original project and then restored the defaults to that project?

It is project-specific? but why? I want to have it as the default option for all my new projects…
I enable it and click on save as default and then I open a new project and it goes back to dorico’s default.

This happened to me too. Not sure if it’s related. Sometimes Save as Default doesn’t work as expected.

I don’t know how your problem in Layout Options would be related to raz2020’s problem with Engraving Options, Dan, but I suppose there could be some connection.

Raz2020, did you Apply before you Saved as Default?

yes, I think it might be a small bug, to be honest.

I find this works fine. Raz2020, I agree with Leo that I think you didn’t click Apply before you clicked Save as Default.

Thanks, Daniel, I tried your solution and it worked.
maybe it would be better for the “Save as Default” button to be greyed out until the user press the “Apply” button.

in my example when I find a cool feature I open in dorico I open the app and enable that particular option and press save as default. Now I realized I had to press apply first then I click on save as default.

How Do I Change my post to Solved? do I change the titile?

How Do I Change my post to Solved? do I change the title?

Go to your first post, there you’ll see the pen icon that means “modify” can also work for the title. Don’t worry about the subsequent titles, they won’t show on the list.