Solved! Erasing MIDI Data froom the Key Editor

In Cubase 6.5, when you open an SMF, is there a way of erasing the MIDI Data
at once or you have to go track by track and message by message?
What i mean is, when opening the editor, you have to sellect each message
separately for each track such as Velocity, Pitch, PC, MSB/LSB e tc and delete
or you can do it all at once? Or if possible for all Tracks at once?


Hi BasariStudios long time no see…

This stuff can be done in the Logical Editor. The upper pane has the conditions for the filters, if you are just deleting you won’t need anything in the lower pane. At the very bottom is a Function menu, set that to delete.

If this is the first time you are using it probably best to just have one line in the top pane, so you’ll delete each data type one at a time.

Heey Steve, what’s happening man, how have you been, yea long time no see…
Thanks, i will try that now, i am sick of deleting each stuff one by one…
If i hit a Brick Wall will call for help again.

What i actually wanna do is delete all Volume, Program Change, Pan, FX, Modulation,
MSB/LSB and Filter Cutof Messages at once. I usually wanna leave Velocity on.
I am looking at this now, have to figure out a way hot to use it.


Aloha B

There are three functions I use to erase MIDI data.

While in the ‘Project Page’
from the MIDI drop down menu go to:
‘Delete Notes’ or
‘Delete Controllers’ or
‘Delete Continuous Controllers’.

This will also work with multiple tracks selected and in the ‘Key Editor’.
(if you have selected more than one track when you open the Key Editor)

Thanks Curteye, that would seem the most Logical Solution, i tried now and it would not delete
anything, i do not know why. Yes i selected all the MIDI Parts/Tracks, opened them all in one
editor, use both, controllers and continuous controllers, it did not delete at all.
Another weird thing, is the Logical Editor supposed to have Presets? Mine does not have any.


Nice one Curteye. Simpler. Should cover everything but the program changes.

Ok got it thanks…now it works, only Program Change is unresolved until i figure out the Logival Editor.
Actually, Steve or Curteye, if any of you can when you have time, can you create a Preset for me for the
Logical Editor? To Automatically Delete all Program Change, MSB/LSB, FX Depths, Pan and Volume Info?
Leave alone Expression. If possible thanks.

Under Logical Presets/experimental there is a
‘Delete Volume and Pan’.

Is that not showing for you?

Once you do you will feel like a Cubase God! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Like, now I can do anything!!!

Good Luck!

Lol Curteye, yes, there is no Logical presets in my Cubase showing, i don’t know why.

Thanks guys, figured it out with your help. If anyone else interested in this:

  1. Select all the MIDI Tracks and open them in the Editor and select all MIDI notes inside.
  2. In Logical Editor under Standard Set 2 presets select Del Patch Changes and Apply
    (this will delete everything except FX Depths) to do that:
  3. Keep everything highlighted, go to MIDI in the Menu, Functions and select Delete:
  4. All controllers…2. All continuous controllers.

The whole thing will be clean except Velocity which of course is not something you can delete.