[Solved]Error message: Already in a session


A few days ago I was trying to get to work VST Connect SE, and after a few attempts I got this error:
YOU ARE ALREADY IN A SESSION. I restarted the modem, router and the computer (Mac 10.8),
but this message kept showing up.

Anyone has an idea of what to do?

Thanks for your help.


This message is generated by the connection server. Doesnit still show up? A session (successful connection) is cancelled automatically after approx. 30 minutes when no activity takes place, so does it work again now?

Hello musicullum!

Thanks for your quick reply.
Ill be able to check this until tuesday. Ill get back to you then.
Maybe there could be an option in VST Connect to reset this particular session?

Once again, thanks a lot.


I have gotten this after a crash. I’m on PC but rebooting the computer fixed it for me. (Restarting Nuendo did NOT fix it.)