[SOLVED] Error message when adding Ski Remote

A message warns that: The license for application ‘Cubase iC Pro’ will expire soon. Duration until expiration 1 hour 17 minutes 46 seconds. and not how to solve.

i have the same problem.
i am on osx lion, cubase 7.0.7


sorry for the inconvenience. Please provide us with the serial numbers of your USB- and Soft eLicensers, eLicenser Control Center Version and basic information about your system and send it to me via private message.

Thank you!

Its a known problem for about a year or so (as i searched).
Anyway, i let the time pass by, and after i closed Cubase 7.0.7 and re-opened i saw a message saying that Cubase 7 ended the trial time… but Cubase opened anyway and Cubase IC Pro works anyway too.
Then i closed again, and re-open and the message never appeared again.
My unique problem is, i will use this soon in a live situation and i can’t have a single crash because of this.
Do you think giving the serials would make any difference in a matter of days?


Yes please provide us with the serials anyways… it will help us to get a better picture of the problem.


HI again,

could both of you pass a full maintenance procedure in your elicenser software with all your USB dongles connected and then see if the error still occurs?


I made that…and the problem occured anyway (i made the test in that period of hours “i had”)

Notice again, that i don’t see any messages anymore, i just want to know where was the problem and if it will provoque any crash or problem in near future.

(i can say that now is “all fine”)