[Solved] Event beginnings to position pointer - Bug?

I need to join two clips together. There is a gap of a few minutes between the 2 events. So the beginning of Event 2 should slide to the end of Event 1. The other tracks are not allowed to do anything.
To do this,

  • I place the position pointer at the end of event 1.
  • Select event 2
  • Then I use the menu and select “Move” → “Event beginnings to position pointer”.
    In fact, event 2 is then moved ONE second BEFORE the position pointer.

Am I too stupid or what am I doing wrong?
Why is the beginning of Event 2 not moved to the position pointer, but always an exact second before the position pointer?

I need to combine thousands of cassette pages A/B into one file, I was just about to write a small macro for this. But it doesn’t even work manually. I’ve been playing around with grid settings. But the exact second is beyond quantization.

Nuendo 13.0.3 // Windows 11

Probably because of the snap point position within the event. Try moving the snap point to the start of the event before moving the event. This is easy to do with a macro or a PLE preset.

Thank you.
That is actually the cause. But why with over 3000 audio files with a length of 45 minutes (one side of the tape) the snap point basically comes exactly one second after the start is strange. Nobody ever set this snap point. The files were recorded on other computers in Cubase Elements 9. You don’t stop learning.

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Yes the snap point behaviour is one of those ‘background’ behaviours which can easily be forgotten.

The initial position of the snap point depends upon precisely where recording began in relation to the main timeline grid. If you do not commence recording on a precise grid division, the event snap point is automatically shifted to the nearest division. This most often happens when you drop into record after playback has commenced or if you simply start recording from some arbritrary position on the timeline. If however you are in the habit of always snapping the cursor position to the grid and commencing record from a static position or after a precount then the snap point, in these cases, would be set to the start of the event.

Thanks for the explanation. Setting of this Snap Points is of course tied to the completely outdated Cubase Elements. Here we start on a lot of computers recording tapes, vinyl, etc. at any point. However, the snap point in every file is exactly one second on the frame, regardless of its position in the grid.
And no one gave it any thought.
In any case, it was now very easy to write the macro so that the snap point is now at the absolute beginning of the clip.
Thank you. That was quick help.

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