SOLVED: Export Audio Dorico 2.2. Slow experience

I have a Symph. Orch. Score 12 pages. 3 minutes of not complicated music. Using the Halion following Dorico. It takes 15 minutes to save a Wave-file.
I have 16 Gbyte ram, Fast Cpu. I can see that the Vst use 2-4 % of the CPU and have good acces to the drives. Windows 10.
Am I doing something wrong.?

Cores, not RAM, seem to be the measure of speed for Dorico, based on other users’ experiences.

Still, that seems far too slow. My WAV files for a project of comparable length typically export in something like 10 seconds. DO you have a lot of FX, especially 3rd-party, loaded onto any of the tracks?

There might be a repeat structure that gets stuck and keeps repeating over and over - is the WAV the expected length?

Thank’s for the quick answers.
There are no repeats in the score.
I will control for programs that block the access to the C-drive and the sound-files. I think that’s where the problem is.
Yours Arne Dich

Stopping an active acces to the Main drive from another program helped on the problem.
But I have analyzed the drive and there are problems.
When I have finished the ongoing project I will start from scratch with a new hard-disk, use a lot of time and reinstall all the “damned” many programs I use.