[Solved] Expressions and Dynamics Missing In Playback


When setting up a score and Halion SE instruments are assigned, I have full playback with dynamics, expressions etc including hairpins.

When I assign Garritan Personal Orchestra instruments, I have playback but without the dynamics, expressions etc. and hairpins are ignored.

Is this due to ‘Expression Maps’ or is there some other ‘feature’ I need to work with?

I have looked at Dorico’s Expression Maps but can find no reference to dynamics and expressions. The maps seem to involve techniques such as staccato, pizzicato, key-switches etc.

What do I need to do to enable full playback with dynamics, expressions etc of my Garritan scores. I’d appreciate any help or advice with this.

Many thanks.

Yes, you need to set the VST expression map for each channel. Most sustaining GPO sounds use modulation wheel for dynamics, so you should choose the ‘Modulation Wheel Dynamics’ expression map for each channel in the ARIA Player that’s using a sustaining sound. Click the little cog icon to the left of the ARIA Player’s name in the VST Instruments rack to assign the expression map to each channel.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your reply.

I have never tried to make expression maps before so this is all new territory for me. Are there any examples of VST Expression Maps in Dorico I can take a look at or adapt. Alternatively do you know of any videos or other reources that show the way.

Coincidentally, I just had an email from another contributor to our christmas project and Finale user who is delving in to the Dorico trial (and who has viewed 17 videos) also asking about playback. I think this is going to be a popular request amongst the community. I’d be delighted to help out there with a tutorial but, unfortunately, I just don’t know how so here’s hoping there are some examples I can follow.

Thanks again,

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Here’s a quick primer to get ARIA going, along with an example of how to enter a custom technique or two.

Hello Brian,

Thank you so much for your excellent tutorial there.

I’ll try setting up one of my own this evening and may have a few questions as I go along.

Your help is much appreciated.

Best wishes,


Sounds good. I’ll be happy to help as much as possible.

If you have a specific score you’d like me to use as a basis to rough in some reusable expression maps, and to explore various options for play-back interpretation contact me in PM with a copy. GPO is a pretty big library so for the time being I feel it best to more or less ‘build maps’ as needed, and tweak them up to best interpret a specific piece.

Hello Brian,

That is indeed a very kind offer and I’d like to go with it if I may. I’m about to send you a PM after this post.

I totally agree about building maps as needed for GPO5 due to the size of the library. Your kind offer will go a long way to starting me off and I’m sure I’ll soon get the idea and go on to building my own as needed.

I just know that there is an interest in the Garritan Community with quite a few trialling Dorico. I’d be happy to share maps and even go on to making a tutorial for them once I’m in full steam.

In the meantime I’ve sent you a score and am really looking forward to hearing playback in 3-D so to speak with full dynamics and expressions.

Thanks again Brian it really is appreciated.

Best wishes,