[SOLVED] external plugin problem

Hi PG,

I just bought and installed wavelab 8.0.1 on osx 10.8.3

Once using the external plugin render comes out with some sound errors both in 32 and 64 bits, the erros/noise come in, stay for some seconds and go away. And this happend 4-5 times in a song.

Turning the external plugin off all renders just fine.

I remember there was some problem in WL7 but it got fixed.

How can this be solved?


In VST Audio Connection / Control Panel, have a latency >= 512 samples for your audio card.

Yes I tried it with 512 samples, didnt work well.

In my old 10.6.8 osx with WL7 was all good with 512 samples.

I aslo set buffer to 32. It didnt help.

Any other suggestions?


What audio card? Have you updated your driver?

Prism Sound Orpheus, driver is latest possible.

Do you think Prism Sound have to check the driver?

I will try external rendering in Nuendo 6 and WL7 as well. Lets see if it does same or not.

Ok, So I have inserted my firewire sound card to pci firewire card instead of onboard firewire and it works fine now.