[SOLVED] Fastest Way(s) to Mix Down External Midi tracks.

I know I can create audio from external Synth MIDI track and export it. However, is it possible to MixDown the external synth MIDI track without recording the on audio track.

Here is what I do:

As mention by Martin here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=86709
a method whereby the External Synths, once defined as such, can be then placed in Cubase Instrument Tracks allowing, then RIP to be used exactly the same way VST instruments are RIPed.

Now the issue is if you 20 tracks, then I have to assign the External Synth as output of each instrument track as I cannot have to instrument track having output to a single external synth instance. Finally after I have the rendered audio tracks into my project, then I use Audio mix down.

Is it possible to do this faster with or without logical editor or Macros?


(It’s me again :smiley:)

You can add the Instrument track once to the project. Then you can select all MIDI Tracks, hold down Shift+Alt and change the MIDI Port to the Instrument track MIDI Port. All MIDI Tracks outputs will change to the Instrument track. Then you can use the RIP function.

I will give it a try!

I am doing exactly that. But it does not work! Any idea?

I’m having the same problem.

I’m using multiple midi outs from Maschine and want to be able to mix but the mixer track does nothing. I don’t want to bounce the audio but be able to mix and use effects on the midi tracks, like I would if it was an instrument track.

I’m totally bamboozled… please help?

I tried holding shift and alt but don’t understand how to change the midi port to instrument port, what, where and how do I do that?


Could you describe your routing and workflow more in detail, please?

Do you use Maschine as an External Instrument? Where are the MIDI Outs from Maschine routed to?