[SOLVED] File extension in the window title bar

Hi guys,

I remenber that was possible to show the file extension in the window title bar (I’m on Win 10, see the sign), .cpr or .npr, for example. There was an option in the Cubase preferences, but now I’m not able to find it. Any help? Thank you all.


I’m pretty sure, there is no (and was no) such a preference. I wasn’t sure, if this wasn’t always in previous Cubase versions, so I search for Cubase screenshots in Google. There is no single one screenshot with the file extension displayed in the header (I checked first 20 screenshots). So I would say, it was aways displayed without the extension (at least Cubase 9).

Thanks for your answer, Martin. I was pretty sure that option was there (maybe not in preferences?), because I’m used to handle Nuendo projects into Cubase, so I need to check in a glance if I’m working on a initial Nuendo project or on the new Cubase project in a conservative way.
Now, I see that Cubase always shows the extenson if the projects isn’t .cpr. So, no problem at all. :slight_smile:

This is what I would expect a an automatic option.