Is there a way to reveal the tracks that are connected to a virtual instrument in the rack? When I do creative work with cubase I do a lot of trial and error which leads to some instruments being orphans after a while or some slots of the rack being empty. I often have the situation that I don´t know if an instrument is still used or not (I often have several instances of the same VSTi), or if there´s an empty slot in the “Track Instruments” part of the rack and I fill it again with a new instrument, I can´t find the track that connects to it in the project window.
The channel settings window has an info on the sources, but if I don´t know where the track is, I´d have to backtrack it from the instrument rack. Is that possible? Or is there another way to find out other than searching through the whole project window?
Any help much appreciated!

I found it myself. It was pretty obvious actually. I don´t know why I missed it :unamused:
For anyone who has the same problem: It´s the drop down menu next to the track/instrument name in the rack where you can activate the outputs. There´s another menu entry called “Input-Options”. Click Input Options --> Select Input. Voilà.