[Solved] First consistent Dorico crash importing an XML file

Dear Dorician fellows,

I think I have my first real problem with an XML coming from Photoscore. Each time I try to open it in Dorico, Dorico crashes. I attach the file and the diagnostic report. Let me know if you have an explanation (and a solution !)
I am quite surprised by how small the zipped xml is, the original file weighs 796 kB…
Bizet – Carmen – n°2.xml.zip (24.9 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (640 KB)

FWIW, if you first import to Sibelius, then export that to XML and then import to Dorico, it doesn’t crash. I didn’t check the accuracy of the data once imported, but it looked similar to what Sibelius shows on first glance.

Thanks dbudde, I did not think about doing that :wink:

I could delete this thread since the issue is solved (I will change the title), but I thought it could be useful for my fellow Dorico users ! I notice that, if I delete the “courtesy” metric change at the end of my XML file — it’s an opera number and the music is supposed to continue after that chunk — Dorico opens it without crashing. I get some strange message about double flats — that’s something I already got with Photoscore, I might send them that information to see if they can improve something (there are NO double-flats in that number) but everything runs fine. So be careful to have a nice starting and ending file in order to make it work without problems !

I’m happy to say we’ve fixed this problem in our internal builds, so you won’t experience this crash in the next update. (This MusicXML file is still invalid, however, with incorrect accidental descriptions.)

You do not cease to amaze me. BTW your advice about gradual dynamics worked like a charm.