Solved FlexPhrase recorded output only MIDI Channel 1

I can only get recorded Flexphrase output from HALion Sonic 3 to play back on MIDI channel 1. I’d be really grateful if someone could check this out on their system. I can get Flexphrase recordings working on channel 1 but if I try MIDI channel 2 output it won’t work on that channel. However if I move MIDI channel 2 Flexphrase recorded output over to my MIDI channel 1 track then it plays OK.

Just to continue my problem. Previous test was made with HALion Sonic 3 but also found same issue when I tried it with HALion 6. Flexprase recordings only playing back on MIDI channel 1 for me.

OK I’m stupid. I was assuming that when you were on for example MIDI Channel 2 that any Flexphraser stuff created from that channel would also be MIDI Channel 2. However the Flexphrase stuff is always set to MIDI channel 1. So you either have to edit the Flexphase and change all notes to the MIDI channel you want or (easier) set each of your tracks to MIDI channel ALL.

Problem now solved. Still think it would be logical for any Flexphrase generation to match the MIDI channel you were recording from.