[SOLVED] Format keeps changing when I save, close, & then

I realize that Dorico is still in the process of development, but one thing–the only things, really–that really makes me angry is that when I close and then re-open Dorico some changes do not stick, which completely throws the format I have worked to achieve into the bin.

For example, to suppress abbreviated staff names, I add a hard space into the appropriate field, and that works. But when I re-open the file, the full name has replaced the abbreviated name and changed all the margins and therefore the layout of the pages.

If there is another way to suppress abbreviated names on staves after the first, I’d like to know. But even so, if a solution works, then it should stick when the file is saved.

I’m not sure I understand the problem, Derrek. Can you not use the settings on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options to set no staff labels on systems after the first? Are we missing a specific setting for staff label visibility that you need?

Daniel, thank you: I can. Usually I can figure out the logic of programs so I know where to look for things, but so far I cannot pin down whether to look for an option in Write, Engrave, Layout, or more general preferences. The distinction between Engrave and Layout and Program Prefs cause me the most confusion. I have confidence that eventually I will internalize the logic; a comprehensive manual with full screenshots of the several option pages (and pull-own alternatives) would help me.

I do mention one suggestion, that solutions that will not save–such as using a hard space to wipe out name entries–should not work at all if they will not survive when a document closes.

Still, many thanks, and best wishes for a joyful holiday for you with your family.