[Solved] Goove Agent 5 out of sync with Cubase click

new clean project
one instrument track only - GA5
Follow Transport is ON in GA

playhead starts from 1 bar - working ok, GA pattern synced with metronome click

lets start playhead from 4 bar (or any other than 1) - disaster, looks like GA patterns play way ahead from the metronome cilck

in Logic, Protools, Reason - working ok, not any problem with GA syncing

my spec:
Mac, Catalina 10.15.4 , Cubase 10.5.12

ok, I think I found the cause

The problem was with soundpacks Neuro Mindset and Metronomic Cinema

You have to turn on Sync To Beat on each pattern in this soundpacks.
Loooks like other factory soundpacks have this function ON by default

ok, so hope it’s useful to someone :stuck_out_tongue: