[Solved] Grace notes at repeats, meter change, system break

Does anyone have an idea how I can get the repeat to be between the d#-grace note and the 3/4 meter change?




With difficulty!

Here’s a workaround:

  1. Nest a 2:1 quaver/eighth tuplet within the last triplet quaver/eighth.

  2. Put the grace note before the final eighth rest.

  3. Hide the 2:1 tuplet bracket and number from the properties.

  4. Scale the quaver/eighth rest to 1% and/or set opacity to 0 - you can’t use Remove Rests as the gracenote’s attached to it.

  5. Manually adjust the right edge of the triplet bracket in Engrave mode - the End position presets won’t help you here.

  6. Tidy up the note spacing.

(7. Repeat some of the work in the part layout, if there’s a separate part layout. )
(8. Drag the Played Durations around in Play mode if you need playback.)

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Beautiful! That worked perfect, thank you so much!