[SOLVED] Groove Agent Rack VST midi outputs not working

Hey everyone,

it could be one of those days, but I’m trying to setup a Grove Agent SE rack instrument with multiple midi channels routed to individual midi channels of Groove Agent VST but only output Channel 1 shows activity, basically every MIDI Track that I play comes out of the VST Instrument Midi Channel 1 (main) !! any idea why ?

I have each midi channel routed to grove agent se and each midi track has been assigned with its own midi channel (chan1, chan2, chan3 etc)… and in the rack instrument of grove agent I have enabled outputs 1-4 for example but every midi track plays just fine but sound only gets triggered via output channel 1main of the rack instrument !

thank you

Did you check the routing within GA mixer? Pads routed to correct bus and then bus direct out, not to main out.

thank you for the reply, I did change the GA pads from bus1-bus4 to Out1-out4, so when I play the pads from within GA then the channel gets triggered, but when I play the midi tracks they all play but sound only comes out of GA channel 1 !

also how do you route buses from within GA ? I only know to right click on the pads and reassign pads from bus to channel

thank you

If you load one of the pop rock toolbox presets, all you need to do is click on the mixer tab and change the output from Kit mix to Master, Out 2, Out 3…

While you can send individual pads directly out, this way you can send all your kick drum pads to their bus and then out. So you will have one audio channel for all your kick drums. One for snare…

thank you :slight_smile:
DUHHHH!!! lol see I told you it was one of those days, that too me looked like a header text so I never bothered clicking on it for some reason I thought that is the mixer channel name …

thanks again, I’ll give it a try when I go home, but I’m pretty sure that will solve my issue, now I can reset the pads and just route the actual GA mixer channels now that I know the header is clickable :slight_smile: