Solved: Groupchannel automation allows Mute only

I am using a group-channels as Pre-Master. All other channels are routed to this Pre_Master. Now I tried to automate the level of this Pre-Master but can automate “Mute” only. All other possibilites (Level, Pan…) can be selected, the automation always falls back to “Mute”.
What am I doing wrong?

Kindly provide a screenshot of the Premaster track with its automation lane.

Hy Jonny,
thanks for your assistance.
I made a short video to demonstrate the issue

The automation track for Volume on Group Channels is the main track since Group Tracks do not hold any events.

I guess Volume shouldn’t be in the list at all.

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Hello mlib,
you are right. This was the confusion.
CB13 Groupchannel automation
It seems that the volume is always active.
Many thanks for your assistance.

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