[Solved]Grouptrack latency!

I have a strange problem that I hope that someone can help me to solve.
I have some really disturbing latency on my drumtrack. Not on the other tracks, only the drumtrack.
I have tried to lower the buffer size but since the latency only occurs on the drumtrack that is not the problem.
I have tried to bypass all used plugins on all tracks without any result. I still get latency. The strange thing is that
I have a grouptrack that I use to bus the toms to and when rerouting the toms to stereo out or removing the
grouptrack the latency dissapears. So it appears to be the grouptrack that is causing the latency. I have Cubase 6,
Win 7 64 bit, 8 gb ram, TC Konnekt 48 soundcard.
I´m greatful for all the help I can get!


Any active plugins in the group track?


Hi Hippo!

I only use Cubase own multiband compressor on the track. And I have tried to bypass it. But I still get the latency.
It´s only when I reroute the drumtracks to Stereo out or remove the grouptrack that the latency dissapears.
I think that I will try to create a new project. Maybe there is something wrong with the specific project.


Have you enabled “Verzögerungsausgleich einschränken”?
I’m sorry but I only know the german description for it.
It’s a clock-symbol on the left top of the project window.
Should be highlighted orange when enabled.

Could also be that you pressed the “live”-button in the plug-in
which means that the compressor doesn’t use the look ahead function
which should decrease the latency a little bit so that you hear the drums
slightly before the other instruments if they are processed with compressors
that are using the look-ahead function.

Best regards.

Thanks for the tip!

I think that you are referring to “Delay Comensation” (Google translate).
I will look this up!


The complete name of the function is “constrain delay compensation”

Hi there,

the reason for the higher latency is the Multiband compressor.
This VST Plug-In needs a look-a-head function in order to work properly
and this creates an additional latency.

You can deactivate this feature in the Multiband- Compressor, if you want to:

  • Just click on “live” and the look-a-head function is minimized.



Hi Marcus.

Like I said, I guess the problem is that the live-button is pressed.
Because usually Cubase would delay the rest of the tracks so that everything sounds tight.
I guess he has other compressors on other instruments that do not have the live button

Thank you, Marcus and No1DaBeats!

I haven´t been aware of the Live-button funcionality until now. So thank you for this tip.
I will look into this as soon as I can. It sounds like a possible cause.


Hello Marcus - Thank you for the clarification! What is the lost or compromised functionality when the look-a-head function is turned off?

Thanks -

For my understanding it is basically a part of the auto-release and auto-gain-function.

Ah, thank you!

I suppose if one wanted that functionality, but not the delay in one group relative to the rest of the project, they could run the rest of the project through a separate group that also had the plug in, but set to unity/no compression?

What amount of latency are we talking about here?

Where does the multiband compressor have a “live” switch…? I could not find that anywhere…

If you had a delay only on the group, relative to the rest of the project, then there´s something wrong…

Usually Cubase delays the rest of the tracks itself.
By the way, this is caused by the delay compensation.
You can use the live-button in live- or recording-situations when the FX you use must
not cause delays.

When you’re in a mixdown-situation it doesn’t matter.

Hi there,

I can not give you a concrete rate for the “live” latency, but I can give a small description what happens.
When you hit the “live” button, the filter section/banks do not “look-a-head”. The filter section creates the biggest
part of the additional latency, that is why this section is “bypassed” in the “live” mode.
So if you hit the “live” button, the latency is minimized, but the Mutliband Compressor works not perfectly.
Without the look-a-head the Multiband Compressor can only react and not analyze and then react.

…hope this is needful for you guys…



Nice to know!

Thank you.

I do hope we’re talking added latency to a single group occurring when adding or activating the plugin while playing? Otherwise there would be a much bigger problem - or, better put, an actual problem.

Um…Cubase should do plug in compensation on a group.

It would only go away if you deactivate it…not bypass it, btw, short term.

Hi guys,

just for clarification, the higher latency will only be recognized when you are for example recording something (Monitoring).
The latency won’t touch the sync of a project.
The latency will be compensated.
A Multiband Compressor should be used as a Mastering oder Group Plug-In (which we have here) and it will only generate a higher over-all latency.
The whole latency will be bypassed when deactivate the Multiband CompressorVST.