[SOLVED] Grove Agent One: glitch

Hi there,

Just introducing myself to Groove Agent One and discovered a weird glitch but I didn’t want to report it unless anyone else is having problems with it (nothing listed as yet). Basically if you have an external midi keyboard set up to drive C7 its a quick simple test if anyone would be kind enough to give it a try!


When I trigger groove agent one (be it instrument track or MIDI track) with the ‘G2 key’ on my MIDI keyboard (see attachment) for some bizarre reason in addition to triggering that particular pad, it also takes control of the ‘Master Volume’ slider which becomes set by the ‘velocity’ of the key hit, and then returns to zero when the key is released, so its basically responding to note on/off and velocity - weird or what? This is also currently irreversible, so once triggered will not let go so have to revert to a previous save - doh! :astonished:

Considering you can not use C7’s learn function on the master volume, I don’t see how I could have accidentally configured it this way - as such kinda seems like a glitch, but if no one else has this problem then it must just be my setup/drivers or dumb luck etc.

For information purposes the keyboard I’m using is an ancient but awesome M-Audio MK461C with the latest drivers and this is running on windows 7 64 bit with Cubase 7.0.2

Just wondered if this happens on anyone else’s system?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Kat

Unless I am doing it wrong, I cannot reproduce. I tried three of my external MIDI keyboards.

Hey Elektrobolt,

Thanks for your reply and for trying at least, I guess it must just be my system acting mad - I will work my way through the settings and see if I can find any conflicts, but its kinda weird as it does this by default with little else going on really (i.e. select vsti -> select program -> press G2 on keyboard -> voila its chaos)!

If I can get fraps to capture the audio (which it currrently doesn’t seem to want to do) I will post a video as its intriguing to watch to say the last! :laughing:

Thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi all, :slight_smile:

as promised I captured a quick MPEG video illustrating the weird MIDI triggering issue with ‘Groove Agent One’ in action - bizarre! :confused:


Through downloading the demo for ‘Neo Soul Keys’ (which is awesome) and having a play around, I came to realise that there seems to be some kind of conflict with the C7 ‘Quick Controls’ and my aging M-Audio MK-461c keyboard which is tied to the G2 key’s MIDI output (where ever it occurs on the keyboard considering there is a transpose function)! It seems likely there is some kind of internal processing error as it sends superfluous MIDI CC data every time G2 is used - well that will explain it! :open_mouth:

So as a work around I discovered that the issue can be disabled by turning off the ‘Quick Controls’ for the moment but it looks like I’ll have to get myself a new controller keyboard - well there is plenty to choose from at least! :slight_smile: Fortunately, for the moment a friend has come to my rescue and offered to lend me his M-Audio Oxygen so its all good! Anyway, thanks for the testing ‘Elektrobolt’ as it helped me work out what was wrong :wink:

Good to hear…

So, you could now change the title of this thread to [SOLVED] Groove Agent One: glitch


Done! :slight_smile: