[Solved] GUI Sluggish Graphics

Anyone else?

Win 7/64
Cubase 64 8.0.10

Sandybridge, built-in graphics.

When I load large CPRs… at some point the entire graphics become ‘sluggish’. Meters stop moving. Right click menus are empty for several seconds. Selecting notes take 2-3 seconds to highlight.

It doesn’t start right away… but again… after perhaps 10-15 minutes working on the project, this behaviour starts. Closing then opening the CPR temporarily fixes, but then it starts again.

Haven’t had this before… either in 8.0 or prior versions… with similarly large CPRs.

Anyone else?

UPDATE: See my last post for solution.

After the 8.0.20 update I have some strange GUI issues in the mixer, never seen before. Area borders are “blurred”… until I hover the mouse over???

I will check some more later tonight.

Just ran 8.0.20 update. No change.

Grasping at straws: wondering if the ‘power scheme’ has changed somehow. Is there a way to restore the Steinberg Power Plan to its default? The ‘Restore’ button is grayed out in Power Options.

I had this issue.

In my case, it turned that it was a known issue with Waves plugins (had many in the project), OpenGL and certain Nvidia drivers (also affects graphics chips built into several motherboards, such as Intel graphics and AMD).

There were three solutions:

  • Don’t use a single Waves plugin instance within the project.
  • Use older Nvidia drivers (version 335.25 was the last version to not exhibit the issue).
  • Use Waves’ “no context sharing” fix (works with any video card).

Here’s a link where I describe the fix: Nvidia + Cubase 8 Issue - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Your issue could of course be something different, but if you are using even a single Waves plugin in the project, I would try this fix, first (it’s non-invasive, simple and easy to remove – it’s just a text file being named something specific and placed somewhere specific).

Related to another GUI issue, I have changed the border size on my Windows 8.1 test computer back to default.

NO MORE strange mixer GUI sluggishness :confused: :slight_smile:

I also had those strange “graphics” that looks like double window edges/borders dissapear, when using the default border size. Fixed (and what led me to the other GUI issues).

So if you have messed with custom sized “borderwidth” and “paddedborderwidth”, please try setting them back to default.

I have some of the same problem on my Windows 7 sp1 production computer, but can’t remember if I have messed with the borders (and other stuff). But probably :laughing:
I will check as soon as I arrive at my studio today.

It is a bit easier to adjust these things in win7, as in win8/8.1 it has to be done by registry changes.

Thanks on the nVidia driver version tip.

I think I’ve fingered this out. I believe it is the CPR(s) which are causing the issue.

The red herring is that I’ve been working on 3 Cubase 5 CPRs imported into C8 and all 3 exhibited the same symptoms.

I took the new C8 version of each and ran the Backup Project function, saving to a new folder. The exported CPR shrunk a LOT (eg. one went from 22MB down to 16MB.)

Since then, no sluggishness with these ‘backed up’ CPRs.