SOLVED: Guitar Bends revisited...

Hi all!

Dear team, are there plans to work again on the representation of guitar bends in notation as well as in TAB?
In case of yes, here are a two thoughts of mine, now that I have used this feature quite a bit:

  1. TAB should be indicating where on the fretboard a note is to be played, and therefore should ideally not feature parenthesized numbers at all. They are used now to show what a bent note would sound like if fretted, but that information is already conveyed in the notation part IMO.

  2. There should be a clear difference between a pre-bend (i.e. note struck AFTER being bent) and a “regular” bend. The pre-bend should be notated ideally without the parenthesized note, since that information is already contained either in TAB or in positional Roman numerals and fingering.
    The regular audible bend should ideally feature an automatic, slurred grace note (since that’s what it is…) and a proper representation in TAB with an arrow, much like now, but without the TAB number in parentheses.

  3. TAB should be smart enough to put resulting notes from bends onto the same string as the fretted note by default… :wink:

Love to discuss this further with fellow guitarists,

All the best,

Have you investigated Engraving Options > Tablature (or possibly Engraving Options > Guitar Bends)? I’m not entirely au fait with guitar notation but I’m pretty sure this stuff is already customisable.

Hey Leo,

I just checked, the options for parenthesizing pertain only to ties across barlines, unfortunately…
I’ve also edited my original post with a 3rd point…

Thx man!

I’m pretty sure there’s an Engraving Option to not show a parenthesized fret number at the point of release, if I’ve understood your first question correctly. Maybe I’m misunderstanding.


you’re correct in that this options exists, but it’s indeed not pertinent to my issue… :wink:
I’m suggesting, that TAB should only be supposed to show positioning information for fretting. In the example for bends, both the bent-to and non-bent starting notes should both show the same TAB number!
With proper arrows and all, of course!

Re-reading it, it DOES sound complicated… :wink:


Hey Leo,

just to finish this thread properly: You were right.

I can set the necessary options to make it look how I want, there was a conceptual error on my part… no use to explain what that was… :wink:
Thx again for your time!