[SOLVED] Half speed mixdown, ipad, 1.8.2

I did have a quick google before posting. I don’t know what version I had prior, but with the latest, when I mixdown, the recorded audio is playing at what sounds like half speed (not pitch, that’s correct), the audio is chopped evenly, and anything external midi wise has suffered from the same problem.

Is this a known bug? I have managed to get a correctly timed version by using only the in built instruments.

I had one audio track, and was using Nave and Zeta on the other two. All tracks are gimped in mixdoen, though.

Please change hardware latency (located in setup/audio) to 256 and give it a re-try.



Doh, it said it was being set by another app, but thanks, after a reboot that’s fixed it.

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear it solved the issue.