(Solved) Halion SE Cubase 10 Pro crashes the program

I have a Project where I have used the Halion SE and if I open that Project Cubase Pro crashes every time Other Projects without Halion open as normal without crashes.

Tried to deinstall and reinstall Halion SE but that does not fix my problem


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Where can I find the crash dump of Cubase ?

ps I temp fixed by replacing Halion with another synth but I still have crashes with plugins that I put on my second monitor so I will gladly provide a Crashdump

Found the crash dump files got more files but this is the latest
Cubase 64bit 2019.3.9 8.22.dmp (819 KB)


The crash is not in HALion Sonic SE, it’s in Cubase. COuld you please sare the proejct with me (for example via Dropbox, send me the link via PM), please? I would send it to Steinberg.

Allright I have send you a PM with a link for downloading the project


It doesn’t crash here on my side. I can open the project with no problem. But I sent it to Steinberg with the crash dump and project attached CAN-21790.

Thx alot ! I begin to think there is something wrong with my OS I’m on Enterprise LTSC 2019 btw

Ps now I cannot close Cubase any more without going to the task manager and kill the program

Fixed the closing thingy by installing latest elicenser software from the web and tested the project with the Halion and it works now so problem solved !