[solved]Halion Sonic SE Artist samples no longer available

So I’m trying to load sounds that are under “Halion Sonic SE Artist” instrument set and they all say “Sample missing…”

I only have Halion 4.x installed - I had Sonic Something-or-other a while back, but got rid of it before “upgrading” (“cross-grading”? “down-grading”?) to Halion 4.x.

The HS SE Artist sounds are still in the media bay, but I just can’t play them. Am I allowed to play them? If not, why are they still in the media bay (and how to get rid of them?)

I’m running Halion 4.4.2 and eLicenser I do not have Halion Sonic of any type installed currently.

Colorado, USA

EDIT: On reflection, it’s quite possible that these sounds were NEVER available to me and I’m just now noticing it…FWIW.

Ah - I see now in the “Program Structure” from the media browser that these samples are protected (with a little padlock next to them). Odd that the program couldn’t just tell me that the samples were protected instead of “not found”.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to unprotect the content, please let me know. It would seem I have to buy Halion Sonic, but that seems silly since I own Halion 4 (doesn’t it?).

Just a clarification:
Halion Sonic SE is not Halion Sonic.

Halion Sonic SE is included with Cubase 6, Halion Sonic is it’s own program.
Also, all of Halion Sonic’s content is included with Halion 4.

Did you have (or still have) Cubase Artist installed at any time? (your sig says 6.x)
Is your Halion 4 license on the same dongle as your Cubase 6 license?

Hi @ all,

please PM me with your USB- eLicenser number and the HALion 4.x license on it.

I will take a look onto it.

With a HALion 4.x license you are able to use/load the HALion Sonic presets.


you need a Cubase 6 license in order to use the HALion Sonic SE presets!

Hi there,

thank you for the USB- eLicenser in your PM.
Ensure that you have installed the HALion Sonic SE and the HALion Sonic SE Content.

Please install the HALion Sonic SE Update 1.6.0
you can find it in the Download- Section of Cubase 6.5.

Start Cubase 6.5.1 now and open the Mediabay (F5)

Rescan the whole VST Sound Area

Open now an instance of HALion 4.5.2

Open the HALion 4.5.2 Mediabay and reset the Filter and Text Search Box.

You should see now the HALion Sonic SE instrument sets Artist, Basic and Pro in the Instruments Sets list.

Hmmm - not working. Here’s a screenshot of what I see when I try to load a HS SE Artist program (top). And also I don’t have “Pro” instrument set listed - never did.

Link to full res version: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/46534013/Untitled.jpg

Link to full res version: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/46534013/Untitled%202.jpg

Hi there,

I can not read the messages in your pictures because they are too small.

Please attach the pictures in the original resolution.

Thanks Marcus - I’ve increased the rez to max allowed by the forum (700 pix wide). I also added some links to each that will get you the full rez version.

I appreciate your help.


Hi there,

thank you for the links.

As far as I can see, you may have an issue with the disk permissions of your MacHD if you have installed the whole HALion Sonic SE content.

Please use the Disk Utility to repair the Disk Permissions on your MacHD.

If that does not help, please re- install/copy the HALion Sonic SE Content from the Cubase 6 DVD to these folders:

[DVD]\Cubase 6 for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound\

HALIONSonic SE Content files are showing the following in their names

Copy the HALion Sonic SE content files to this location:

[MacHD]\LibraryApp Support\Steinberg\ContentVST Sound

Ya know I don’t think that permissions approach has ever worked for me, as popular as it is…but anyway…

That re-install fix sure did it! Thanks. There was actually a ton of stuff missing - all better now.