(SOLVED) Halionsonic can't be installed

The installation of Halionsonic fails on my Ipad. It just doesn’t finish the installation. I have tried it three times, but no chance . On my Ipad I have avout 5 Gb free space, so that should not be the problem .

Same for me

The FM Neo & FM Classics & lofi downloaded but not the Haliosonic. I’ve tried many times. I’m on line and have 1.37 TB available.

If you check last nights post’s on this forum you will see we all went through this, it’s very frustrating, especially when you get to 80% and then you get.

Download failed
Make sure that your device is connected to the internet, that there is enough free space on your device, and try again.

Same here I purchased all of the new instruments, I have over 300 gigabytes of memory available on my new iPad pro and I use a cox gigabit fast internet service. After purchasing I get a pop up telling me that I do not have enough space and to check connection, except I have plenty of space and speed. Why is update shipped with such a major bug? Apple needs to pull down until fixed, because reading here it seems Steinberg is not acknowledging issue. I was so excited for this, but now pissed I spent holiday money on something that is vaporware. As a app developer myself I am acutely aware of the many issues that could cause bugs, but I am also a developer whom takes my bug reports very serious and never dismiss them as such we have seen here in your issue that many others are now having. Steinberg support, do you want to step up and set the record on your professionalism? If you expect pro audio users to pay for your products , you need to walk the talk. . Stuff happens… but lack of support is your responsibility to communicate, why don’t you understand these simple facts of being a respectable software developer?

Awaiting answers here and I will also post a separate post.

Hi afektapps,
It does finally download on iPad after several attempts. I downloaded it to my iPhone 13 Pro Max without any trouble at all, so that rules out internet issues.
Good luck and hopefully you will enjoy Cabasis and the new instruments very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi all,

We are sorry to read about your HALion Sonic Selection content download issues which may be related to the high number of simultaneous downloads.

It would be helpful to know if you all have been able to download Halion Sonic Selection and its content so far.

Thanks in advance!

Warm greetings,

why don’t you expand your bandwidth? or create multiple files from one so they can download faster or people can download what they want or need instead… it’s going to have to take for people to start asking for refunds.

Hi @jcsfx09

Here are a few more recommendations if you encounter issues, downloading the instruments (espcecially HALion Sonic Selection):

  1. Make sure that there is enough free disk space, at least 2 times the required download size, which is required for extracting the file. (HALion Sonic Selection > 1,8 GB Download Size, Neo FM and FM Classics > 25 MB Download Size each).
  2. Don’t turn your device’s display off and don’t switch apps (or to the home screen) while a download is running.
  3. Make sure that no other apps are running in the background, while a download is running.
  4. Keep your device close to (in the same room as) your WiFi router.
  5. How many devices are connected to your WiFi router? Try disabling WiFi on your other devices during a download.
  6. Does your WiFi router offer multiple networks, maybe with and without a “2G” postfix? Try both, the one without 2G is the better choice.
  7. If you have a VPN, try turning it off (or on, or select a different region).
  8. Try in a different WiFi network, for example at your friend’s home.

Hope that helps resolving your problems!

Best wishes,

i really hope steinberg extends the iap discount.
its not sellable this way.

please tell me when a hassle free update and download is possible.
iam not going to dive into the app reinstall/ router/ mobil connection nightmare.

Hi @Birdypie

Normally there should be no issues to download the instruments.
Would be great if you could give it a try and let us know how you proceed.


sorry, no time for “try” and if its just a 10% chance for nighttime iam out. :grinning:

Same issue here. 5th Gen. iPad Pro 12.9, OS 17.2. Internet is fine. Followed the steps provided.

Hi @vseus

Did you follow the steps below?

Best wishes,

hey lars,

thanks for the steps and your help to make it work.
but you should really fix this issue.
its not at the customer side.

Hi @Birdypie,

Be 100% assured we would do instantly…
Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the issue.

Gave it a try myself to download HALion Sonic Selection on the iPhone SE2 and iPad Mini 6 which both worked as expected (see iPad mini 6 example clip below).


Hi Lars, thanks and yes I followed the steps. Also updated iOS to 17.2. Still same issue. I have tried to download probably 30 times now, but same issue each time, at varying points of the download process, i.e. sometimes the error happens right away, and sometimes I get to maybe 50% complete in the download before the error happens. I never get further than 50% downloaded though.

I also had difficulty downloading HALion to my iPad Air 4, but it downloaded instantly on my iPhone 13 Pro Max using the same internet connection, obviously not at the same time.
This seems to be an issue with mainly iPads!

I tried it on my iPhone and had the same issue. I can’t tell if this is some kind of server issue, application/client issue, or both; but I would say Steinberg should look at what use cases would trigger this error in the app and work from there. I’m guessing the download bandwidth is not meeting the expectation of the client and the client throws the error. Seems the client is not lenient enough with the download process. Are there retries happening under the hood before it throws the error? What is the timeout set to? What protocol is being used? If I had the time I would try to find a decent packet-sniffer utility for iPad and pull some network data. Maybe later this evening…