[SOLVED] Hardware question

Dear All,

I have Cubasis in my iPad 2. When rehearsing with a project, I try to make some live recordings thorugh my Focusrite Saffire 6 USB cable thats connected to the camera kit via an active USB hub.

But: this doesn’t seem to work. The iPad always records through its built-in microphone.
Even when using Audiobus, this doesn’t work.

Since I haven’T found any information on the Focusrite’s Core-Audio compatibility, I assume that the audiocard might be the reason for the issues I am experiencing - can this really be?

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Br, Matthias


i would also think that the your interface is Core Audio but not iPad compatible. The website does also not mention CoreMIDI compatibility which would be another reason against the compatibility with iPads.

Kind regards,

Hi Fireder,

that’s what I was afraid of … many thanks …

br, Matthias