[Solved]HD file recordings only in Stereo?


I’ve trying to set up a remote recording session with a vocalist using VST Connect PRo and have everything working peachy. I have the performer recording into a mono channel in Cubase and the initial low-res recording works fine. However when I use the “Get HD files” button to replace the audio, all of my mono files are replaced with stereo versions. Is there anyway to have the remote VST Performer software only record mono so that I can have all of my HD files replaced with the corresponding mono (not stereo) files?


You are correct, master mix ecordings on the Performer end are always stereo. You might go to the multichannel recording mode and activate just the vocal channel (which would have a mono source) for HD recording. Then right click on the recorded take in the manager tab and get just the HD file of that take. This will create a mono track in Cubase or Nuendo and load the mono take there. Haven’t tested this but you may want to give it a try.

wow, fast reply. Thanks.

Yes, if I go into multirecord, it does make a new track that is mono along with replacing everything in the current track with stereo files. Unfortunately, the new mono track files don’t remember edits I have made in the main track. The stereo files that replace the mono ones in the main track do remember edits though.

I guess i’m curious as to why the recordings on the performer end are always stereo? I would think that if the Input on the performer end was mono, the recordings would be mono and if the input was set to stereo, then the recordings would be stereo. Would it be possible to add this functionality?

Man, this is SO close to being amazing, lol. My workflow for vocal tracks is comp/edit as I go along so that we have a final track at the end of the session. The HD Replace works with the drawback of changing mono files to stereo. The multitrack workaround unfortunately won’t work because it doesn’t remember my edits.

Is there a fast way to turn stereo regions back into mono inline in a track keeping all the edits/fades?

The recording mixer always outputs a stereo stream of the mix that is sent to the studio (compressed, or lossless with the PRO version). Single channels can be switched to be recorded on the client side and then can be requested to be sent in full resolution, each creating a track in Cubase/Nuendo with that channels’ recordings (for those who might be interested).
Beeing a full fledged 16 channel mixer, it makes sense that its output is stereo. However it also makes sense to assume (as you do) that edits on the “master” stereo recording track should be reflected on the individual HD tracks…it may be tricky but we’ll certainly look into this.
Meanwhile here’s how I think you should be able to convert them stereo files to mono:

  • select audio event in the arrange page
  • in the audio menu, “Find selected in pool”
  • right click on the selected audio file and choose “convert”
  • set channels to 1 and options to replace the file
    Haven’t tested it but that should do the trick?