[SOLVED] HELP!!!! Cubasis 2.8

So here goes…

Cubasis 2.7,
iOS 11.4.1,
iPad 10.5 pro…64gb…2017

All working fine,

Update to Cubasis 2.8
When using IAA midi, (iGrand piano)
Midi records ok, but nothing is heard on playback,
Have to change “no MIDI output” in routing to “ALL MIDI ports” ch1???
Then it don’t freeze correctly even after trying all freeze options…

Thought this might be the iOS so updated to iOS 12.3…
Same, no affect???

I tried exactly the same on my sons iPad 5th gen 9.7"
iOS 12.1.4
Cubasis 2.8
Everything fine

As I said, Cubasis 2.7 with iOS 11.4.1 worked ok,
Updated to 2.8 that’s when the problems started…

If it was the iPad then surly it would have been like this on 2.7?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.

thank you


this is a link to a you tube video of the issue I’m having with cubasis…

hope someone can shed some light on what is wrong

thank you

Hi Yammy85,

I can’t reproduce this with the iPad Pro 11, iOS 12.3.1, Cubasis 2.8 + iAA iGrand Free.

What i did :

  • install iGrand Free
  • launch cubasis 2.8
  • create new midi track and assign to iAA iGrand Free
  • Play on internal Cubasis Keyboard
    Result : iGrand is audible
  • start recording and Play on internal Keyboard
    Result : all notes are played on iGrand are recorded on midi track
  • start Playback
    Result : all notes are recorded with iGrand are audible
  • Freeze iGrand midi track
    Result : all iGrand notes are freezed into Freeze track

Maybe your iAA iGrand is crashed to the home screen.
Try an iPad restart, make sure iGrand doesn’t run in the background,
restart Cubasis, follow my repro described above and let us know if it works now.


hi Jan,

Thank you for you kind help.

I have found out why things were going wrong…

My midi controller was set on midi channel 12.

I changed it to midi channel 1, and hey presto all is working
I Grand records fine, then freezes fine.

KORG M1 records fine and freezes fine…

Who would have thought just having your controller set to any channel except 1, it would cause this…

I am so happy it’s all good now…

Best wishes Jan

From Paul.

Strange how something so simple can cause something so complicated…

i did speak with Lars a while back
we just couldn’t understand what was going on.