Solved=Help! for Wavelab 8.5 Newbie - w/ CD Text

I have just bought Wavelab 8. and upgraded to 8.5. I have in past used Soundforge 10.
I have mastered 6 tracks setup all volumes etc. When I am in Montage and click on ‘T’ to add CD text I get the following error
" CD-Text: the album and track title information is mandatory and may not be omitted"

I Went to >Edit> Meta Data where under" RIFF" I inserted the CD Title (NAME) Artist ETC. I have tried to watch videos and Looked in manual but I can’t seem to find where I have gone wrong.

Any Help will be great. I would like to complete this project in Wavelab but may run out of time so I can Always use sounforge to knock it out if need be. I am sure it’s easy fix but just tired of banging head looking for answer

The error message that you describe means that you have incomplete CD-Text entered.

You should not use the metadata box to complete the CD-Text. This is just for applying your entered CD-Text and other metadata to files rendered to hard disk.

It’s my guess that you have entered the song titles and maybe ISRC codes in the obvious box, but you need to open up the CD/Text editor box to enter the artist and project title.

I’m not at a computer now but I believe the CD-Text editor box icon is a big “T” near the other CD function windows.

When you open the CD text editor box, scroll through it all to be sure all tracks have a name and artist assigned, as well as “the disk itself”.

The arrows on the right help to batch assign artist name to all tracks, but beware the using the arrow to auto assign track names for CD-Text will generate the titles from the marker names. Sometimes it’s useful and sometimes not.

Thanks so much! Worked like a charm, Wavelab is so much easier than Soundforge.

No problem. I remember Sound Forge being fairly similar to the Wavelab edit mode, but I haven’t used it in 10 years at least. I think now Sound Forge for PC has added the CD Architect features so it’s all done in one app like Wavelab.

I had some hope for Sound Forge Pro when they announced it for Mac but they completely left out the CD layout/DDP creation for the Mac version so to me it’s useless, or at least not worth the time because I need something that can do it all when it comes to two track editing and mastering for CD, vinyl, digital distribution etc.