[SOLVED] Help setting up CB10 with mini midi

Sorry but this is a very basic request :frowning:

Well bit the bullet and went to the store to buy.

The great keyboard player who owns the store suggested I don’t go for all the bells and whistles that I will never use and go for the basic, which I did.

Took the Nektar SE 25 and now trying to set it up in CB10.

Turns our not as easy as I hoped. I have youtubed myself crazy without getting a good basic tutor so I am up the creek without a paddle :slight_smile:

I have opened a project with a couple of prerecorded audio tracks, added a midi track and when I press the keys I hear the sounds okay and it does show on the track. The latency is lagging though.

It plays back okay too however I can’t hear the audio tracks.

Obviously i have set it up incorrectly and that is what I need to see how to do it.

In Studio/Studio Setup, I have chosen The Nektar SE25 but not sure about the in and outs. I have IN … All Midi Inputs and out MS GS Wavetable Synth.
I am using a Zoom 16 as the interface and it has been set up correctly.

My Options in the IN includes Zoom and the SE25 and the OUT does also the Zoom, SE25 and Wavetable. Smart Switch Delay default is ‘Short’.
Any guidance please to get the latency right but mainly how to set it up so I can hear both audio and midi tracks.



If you are using MS Wavetable as your synth for the MIDI tracks, my expectation is, your headphones (or speakers) are plugged in to the integrated Audio Device, not to Zoom.

Myself I would recommend to start using Instrument tracks (HALion Sonic SE is the default VSTi) instead of MS Wavetable. Plug your headphones or speakers to your Zoom Audio device. Then you should hear both. The MIDI data are synthesised by VSTis and the output is routed to the audio output, same as the signal from the Audio tracks.

Please attach a screenshot of Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs.

It could also be the case, Zoom doesn’t work properly (what happens quite often because of poor driver). Then I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL driver instead.

Many thanks Martin, I will check all that today and get back.

I appreciate the help, for a beginner with midi, it’s quite a minefield.

Okay at the coal face now. :slight_smile: BTW have Win 10x64 2004

I booted up CB, opened the test file with a couple of audio and a couple of midi tracks.

On play, can only hear the audio now, no midi although it does show on the track.

I have attached some pics which may explain my problem… Hope it helps.

I notice too that on the Keyboard in the Halion panel of instruments, that there is no sound or using the SE25


You don’t need MIDI Device Manager.

For the Nektar 25 in the Studio Setup, I wouldn’t set the Output to ZOOM. It doesn’t make sense. Wither choose Nektar or Not Connected.

Where are your speakers/headphones connected to, please?

Thank you, I will change that as soon as I can to see what happens.
The speakers are attached to the Zoom as is the headphone going to a headphone hub.


If your speakers are connected to the Zoom (I expect Out 1-2), you should hear a sound, now.

Can you see the meters on the Stereo Out in Cubase, please?

If yes, I would go for the ASIO4ALL driver to avoid unstable Zoom driver.

Yes !! It works now. Many thanks, at least I have sound !

It does record using the Halion and also plays back. Whoopie… many thanks Martin.
I do see that the KB is out though.
Song is in A and KB in Bb

ALL good – found it.