[SOLVED] Help! Where is Midi Out?!

I’m scratching my head trying to find midi out… From reading the manual I assume it’s supposed to be in the setup menu but it’s not! I got midi input but no midi out… Any ideas anyone? I’m sure I’ve just missed something obvious… :question:

Would you please elaborate a bit on in what sense you mean “MIDI Out”.

Where in Cubase are you expecting one, where are you looking, etc.

MIDI connections are configured in the Inspector.

Select MIDI track -> Open Inspector -> Tap MIDI Connections.

The second slot handles the MIDI OUT signal routing.
It’s disabled to start with. Tap it to cycle through all available options.

PS: The MIDI OUT button listed in the manual was part of a beta build, but it is now on by default, so there’s no need to worry about that.

I managed to figure it out, thanks! Unfortunately my iPad 3 doesn’t seem to have enough power for Cubasis to send a polyphonic midi track to Alchemy mobile without serious crackling. Even if I set the CPU setting to low in Alchemy It’s still unusable for me :frowning:

Loving Cubasis anyway though. Feel very comfortable with the interface and the workflow is quick and intuitive. Nice work!