[SOLVED] Help with OMF Export

I need to export a project as OMF – preferably with referenced media. However, Nuendo can’t finish the export. I’d appreciate any help!

Things I tried:

  • Checking for unusual filenames. They’re all something like “0af039cb-ade2-8a92-6d39-342a000000ab”. No special characters involved.
  • Checking the last file Nuendo hangs up on. Nothing special about them themselves, only that they are the last ones.
  • Export as an OMF with referenced media. The export is aborted (at the end, as far as I can tell) because an error occurred.
  • Export as an OMF with embedded media. Nuendo hangs up at the last (or one of the last) file.
  • Export as an OMF with embedded media with 24 bits (and not “like project”). No change. All the files are in 24 bits anyway.
  • Exporting tracks one by one. No change.
  • Exporting just a part of a track (e.g. with just one single region). No change.
  • Letting Nuendo work for a while. With an export that took 10 minutes until 99 %, I let Nuendo run for 5 hours. It was at 100 % all the time, but didn’t get anything done.
  • Export as AAF, just to check. Works without problems.

Software: Nuendo 8.1.10
OS: Mac OS 10.13.4

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Managed to do it with Nuendo 7.1.40 on a Windows machine.