[SOLVED] Hitting R to repeat selection, adds unwanted rests

I have a percussion staff (percussion kit) with Tam-tam and Triangle.

I add a 2 measure phrase.

I select the measures, hit R to repeat numerous times. And unwanted rest appears. Thinking it might be a bug of some sort.

Here is a video:

I will e-mail the project to Daniel.


I don’t know that it’s a bug. R has always shown hidden rests for me.

I have used R to repeat numerous percussion stuff before and have never run into this problem.


Here is a video showing a rest not appearing:



And actually, it’s not hitting R that is causing it. It’s adding the next tam-tam note that is causing it.

Turning off “Drum Set” doesn’t help.

Added >>>>

I deleted the player, and started over with a new Percussion 4 plater, and it is still occurring. Whenever I add the Tam-tam note in the bar after the triangle, I get the unwanted rest.


Upstem Voice 1 is your primary voice on percussion - it will always show. If it contains no notes for a bar but the voice continues in further bars, it will show a bar rest.

Downstem Voice 1 is essentially a secondary voice, but that doesn’t really matter so much.

The point is that with any voice in Dorico, it automatically starts at the start of the first bar in which this voice contains a note. It automatically ends at the end of the final bar in which this voice contains a note. With percussion kits, you can’t start and end voices (or Remove Rests) in the middle of a voice.

You’re starting off with a single note in bar 3. Upstem Voice 1 starts at the beginning of bar 3 and ends at the end of bar 3. You copy and paste to bar 5. Upstem Voice 1 now starts at the beginning of bar 3 and ends at the end of bar 5, and as such it must show either notes or rests for the entirety of bars 3-5.

The solution is to put the downstem note in the middle bar in Upstem Voice 1, then (if necessary, and in this case it won’t be) flip the stem down.

This is how it has always worked.

Ahhhhh… I see… by selecting the down stem direction, I have in turn created a Down Stem Voice 1. Thus needing rests to back fill for the bars not having upstem voice 1.

I am not sure I have encountered this before. Nor am I sure why I selected the down stem direction in the first place.

Thanks Leo! Your explanation forced me to do some more digging around!!!