[SOLVED] Horrible noise bug

I can’t recall reading about this bug before but sometimes cubasis just completely wigs out and creates extremley loud cacophony of noise-the app needs to be quit via home button and reopened-this has happened on a variety of devices including the new iPads (air 2)-it’s a seriously annoying bug and seems to happen when changing sounds in the drum or microsonic modules while the transport is running(probably in loop mode)-I think it happens when changing micrologue sounds as well but can’t be sure cos it’s so loud and sudden that I kinda forget what I was doing before it! It’s a nasty bug!

Hi rossf,

So far we’ve never stumbled on that one.

I gave it a short try with a Micrologue track and changed its presets while running in cycle mode however have not been able to nail it.

If possible please try to find an exact repro and provide us with a step-by-step description.



Hi, I also ran into this bug today for the first time.

I was running Cubasis by itself. No audiobus and no IAA. I was in the middle of cycling Microsonic instruments on a midi track whilst the track was playing when suddenly an incredibly loud cacophony of noise was triggered. The only way to stop the noise was to close the app and reopen it.

I am on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 8.1.1. Cubasis 1.8.3.

I’ve just spent the last few minutes trying to reproduce the bug by making a new track with a part full of midi notes, then hammering through different instruments quickly while the track is playing, but I can’t seem to cause the bug by doing this.

Gave it another try with MicroSonic and Micrologue (playback running in cycle mode, changing presets constantly) but still have not been able to reproduce the issue.

If you stumble on it again please try to find an exact repro and let us know about the steps.



I’ve now experienced this noise bug separately from Cubasis. It appears that it may be a bug in ios8 rather than Cubasis itself. It’s happened 3 times to me over the past couple of weeks with other music apps. It’s difficult to say what could be causing it unfortunately :-/

Hi Dancore,

Thanks for the update.
Since the issue happens with other apps at your end I’ve closed the Cubasis bug report.



Thank you Lars,

Could you please feed this back to Apple? I’m sure Steinberg carry a lot more weight with reporting things like this than I would :slight_smile:

I know it’s difficult to pinpoint the issue, but it would be good to highlight, so they can look into it.

Many thanks