[Solved] How can I add many libraries to the library manager at once?

I have all my libs on an external hard drive. Now I had to move to a new computer and install everything anew. I know that I can double click a library file and choose “Register in place”. But is there a convenient “bulk register” function somewhere to register all my Absolute 5 and other libs again more easily?

Thank you!

Did you do it?

Well, yes… what kind of question is that?

Double clicking on one VST Archive file will register all of them. The default behavior is to register all content when one file is opened.

Did that not populate the Library Manager with all your content?

Or are you talking about VST Instruments, as opposed to the content?

Double.clicking registers all the files WITHIN the respective folder, but not all instruments. I have 50+ folders. There should be a function that relocates all files within a “parent” folder:

Steinberg Libs [<= parent folder; the lib manager should check all subfolders]

  • Amped Elektra
  • Analog Techno
  • etc
  • etc
  • Ionica Ensemble
  • etc
  • etc
  • Zero Gravity

Native Instruments, VSL and many others offer such a function. I would be surprised if Steinberg doesn’t. But if they do, that function is extremely well hidden.

Hm. On my system opening any VST archive in the parent directory registers the VST content in all child folders.

I tested to double check, I’ll upload a gif…

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Interesting setup! It works because you have libs in a “parent” folder. Good idea! I will do that, too! Thanks for the tip and the effort of making the video!! Much appreciated!

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My pleasure. I suspected it had something to do with the the directory hierarchy… but it was just a hunch

Yes, tried just it and it works pretty fine that way. Of course having to move samples outside of their folder is not the tidy way and I wish there was a clean way. But that’s nitpicking, I know.

You don’t need to remove them from their Folders. When you double+click on a .vstsound file it registers all the instruments it finds in that Folder and all of its sub-Folders. So just move those Folders into your main Folder.

@raino But to have subfolders you must move at least one sample to the parent folder as you can see in y previous post of mine! I have – or had – all my folders on the same level and therefore had to move one set out of its own folder, which is not optimal, but there are worse things.