Solved: How can I delete a blank page?

In Engrave Mode, in the ‘Pages’ box, I clicked ‘Insert Page’. Now I don’t know how to remove it.

I clicked ‘Remove page override(s)’ and the red triangle disappeared. But the page remains. I’ve attached the Dorico file.

Thanks for your help.
Cantina Band - JC Jazz (716 KB)

It’s because the final page still had an override, so Dorico thought you wanted the blank pages in between to remain.

Oh right. Yes, I see that clicking the left arrow solved it. Thank you very much, dankreider.

What’s the best way to have a page at the end? Should it be in a separate flow?

No, just insert a blank page. You’ll have a page override, but that’s fine.

you can also try this:
Click on the last page in engrave mode and swap with the previous page. this deletes the extra pages in between.