[Solved] How to edit an existing Divisi?

How to edit an existing Divisi?

In the document Dorico_2.0_Version_History.pdf on page 16 is written, that when opening the change divisi dialogue, “The list at the top of the dialogue shows the current divisions”. I tried to open it in different ways, but I never get the current divisi setting shown. I had selected the Divisi Flag or the first note in that bar, but I always get the divisi dialog with the single tutti line and not the already existing divisis at that bar.

I would like to change the name of an existing divisi.

As well it seems to be, that the divisi marker flag is copied when such a bar is selected and copied. I am not sure if this makes sense. From my point of view, the divisi marker should not be copied.

Double-click the signpost and you should get whatever the settings for that Divisi currently are.

As to divisis being copied, how would you otherwise handle a situation where you have to repeat a whole section of music? If it includes a split from tutti to divisi to tutti and the signposts weren’t copied, you’d lose at least one stave from the middle of the music (and the music that should be on that stave).

In addition to double-clicking the signpost, you can also select it and hit Enter.

Thanks for the hints. Double click does not work for me, but select and hit Enter works fine.

@pianoleo, I understand the reason. But it can lead easily to have two signposts at the same position.