[SOLVED] how to-guitar midi vst to halion se

Right now I’m more confused than the day I started with cubasele8 I want to hook a plugin called Midi Guitar2 version 16 up to Halion sonic se…the midi guitar is in the cubase effects colum, it has been recognised after a plugin manager search…i selected electronic music program to begin and the guitar midi works but with a lot of latency and “misfires”…i hit all the little orange monitir icons and fooled around with midi routings and inputs and outputs but cannot get halion sonic se or any other synth connected to guitar midi…can someone please help…thank you…

Hi Robert,

It looks like you have an issue with Cubase LE, accidentally posted in the Cubasis for iOS forum.
Have moved the topic to the matching forum.


Problem solved. .sorry about wrong posting spot…