[Solved] How to have barlines move with tempo change?

This project has both audio and midi tracks.
I’ve tried all the standard stuff with musical/linear modes and forcing musical mode in the pool, but no matter what I do the audio/midi move with the tempo change and are no longer lined up with the correct bar lines, making editing tricky.

What am I doing wrong?


Itˋs about „musical“- and „linear timebase“, not „musical mode“

When I switch to musical timebase in the inspector or the pool some, but not all, tracks suddenly get 16 bars longer, which is odd to me. All of these tracks were recorded with a click track and are fine at orig tempo. Bars line up. But no matter which method I use to change the tempo, the bar lines always stay fixed and the audio moves

Okay, well, here’s the oddity revealed.

Turns out that when I exported the audio from Superior Drummer 3 Cubase wrote the files with a tempo definition of 120.86 (?) rather than 106 like the rest of the project.
The fix was to select the drum renders and go to Audio>Advanced>>Set Definition from Tempo, and in that dialog box choose “write definition to audio file”.
Now all the audio files are at 106bpm and, as expected, the bar lines follow the new tempo.