[solved]How to keep a track visible at all times when scroll

I’m not talking about the mixer I’m talking in the sequencer. I could swear that I was able to do this in cubase 5. I just want to be able to see the audio track as I scroll up and down to the other tracks

Yer, there’s a small icon top right-sh now… Splits the screen into upper and lower scrolling separately. It moved from the LHS to the RHS after SX I think.


Perfect. It was on the left in cubase 5. That’s what I switched from.


Cool. Worth putting [solved] in the title because this is a common question and that should help future searchers :slight_smile:


I used to think that the split screen was fantastic, with putting timing and marker tracks there, until with a couple of projects, the top of the upper section became permanently scrolled out of view, leaving only the bottom half of the marker track. Only way to fix it was to move everything to a brand new project. :frowning:
Has it been fixed yet? I’m not game to give it a go again until I know.

I haven’t had that partial display problem on my system. But it gets my goat that the Exported tracks end up there sometimes. Haven’t found why that happens!


Definitely flaky functionality. Must be getting internal crossed wires somewhere.

Well I won’t rule out operator error entirely, but I’m pretty sure I’ve not selected a track in the top section at those times, it’d be selected in the bottom section yet there’s my export in the top section.


The problem is that I have no idea what I was doing at the time my problems actually occurred, as I only incidentally noticed that something was askew. So I have no idea what triggers it off, and definitely no idea how to simply fix it.

thanks for pointing that out…never knew about it… :slight_smile:

I use the divided track feature quite often. It’s like many other things in Cubase, you need to spend time with the feature to know how to get the most from it, not to mention learning it’s idiosyncrasies and that you will very likely need to adapt certain aspects of your workflow (e.g. adding tracks etc.) to accommodate. Also you need to work out for yourself when it’s perhaps not so appropriate to use. Generally, if you find yourself scrolling up and down in the tracklist - perhaps comparing or adjusting automation settings between a specific track and others, then dividing the list is advantageous.

Sometimes I use other tracks as spacers in my project, e.g. ruler tracks. It may not look pretty but it can give you a real visual cue when you’re scrolling a big project. Particularly the ruler track because it goes right across the project window!


The idea of dividing the list is to reduce all that scrolling.