[solved]How to open Auron,trium,etc


I can t find auron,trium, voltage,… in Halion 5.
How do I open them ?

Put the filter “Library Name” in the mediabay in HALion & you gonna see them

well I don’t, I think halion has lost the path or something like that, please help :wink:

Does someone know the extension of this files (Auron,etc), or where do I have to look?
I downloaded full version + reinstalled: still no auron :frowning:

Ok I found the problem, don’t install Halion with a normal account. Even when you type in the administrator password when then installer asks for it, this will not install Halion correct.

So I gave my user, administrator rights. Now Halion starts up with HalionCity. Auron,Volt, etc accessible.

I hope this is helpful for other users. Cheers :wink: