[Solved]How to open MultiPanner in Cubase - I see no miniature picture to doubleclick?

Manual states
“To open the VST MultiPanner plug-in panel in a separate window, double-click a miniatureview of VST MultiPanner in the Inspector or the MixConsole”

Only thing I see is above fader which open MixConvert if doubleclicked.

I got the brilliant idea to see if key command was available - and it was for direct offline processing - so that did not help.

Any ideas?

Is there some little arrow somewhere?


EDIT: Ohhh, crap - you need to have a section Surround Pan in Inspector visible. And only works if track you are on is routed to a 5.1 bus - so had to create an intermediate bus for that. Cannot be combined with MixConvert it seems. Thought it would go first to get meters and ability to adjust some.