[SOLVED] How to record Micrologue arp within cubasis

Hello I just purchased the Mircrologue arp add on for cubasis, I like it a lot but when I try to record a track I just get a single midi note? does it need some specific settings? assuming im overlooking something simple here? Also can I have it so when I hit record the arp will start on cue in time with the overall tempe setting?
appreciate any time taken to reply, have a great day.

Hi mystweave,

Thank you for your message.
We’re happy to hear that you like the Micrologue arp!

Arp phrases can be programmed on the ARP/STEP page with the given parameters.
Of course, the arpeggios can be triggered and recorded in Cubasis, while it is not possible to record the phrases itself as single MIDI notes.

To learn more about the available parameters and their functions, please have a look at the “Instruments/Micrologue/Arp / Step” chapter in the Cubasis in-app help. In addition, please load some of the included ARP factory presets which follows Cubasis’ given tempo, to learn about their individual trigger settings.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Lars, I have read through the help section and searched online for more info but seems I’m still missing something? If I choose one of the arp presets can I record that onto 1 single audio track so it sounds the same as what I’m hearing when I’m playing it live, because it doesn’t capture the whole part when I try and surely you could record what I’m hearing straight out of the arp with its phrases etc ? or is their more detailed information out there??

Hi Dan,

These are the steps to do it…

(1) Create a MIDI track and assign it to Micrologue
(2) Choose an ARP preset and record a few bars (quantize the recorded event, if desired)
(3) Tap the TrackFreeze button in the track list to mixdown the recorded MIDI event into an audio part

If the recorded ARP phrase sounds different to the preset, please check the available ARP functions such as Sync, Trigger Mode etc.
Please find proper descriptions of all available parameters in the Cubasis in-app help (Instruments/Micrologue/Arp / Step chapter).

Hope that helps!


Hey thanks Lars, just before reading this I played with the freeze function and realized that was what I was missing, think I have what I need now! so great to have this within cubasis, the above is helpful thanks.

Hi Mystweave,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear you’re up and running!
Have great fun using Cubasis and the ARP…