[SOLVED] How to Save midi files ?..cubasis 1.9

Workiing with Cubasis 1.9
I can’t figure out how to save a midi file., ie a tune with several tracks.
If I hit Media, then 'mixdown", it goes to a dialog box with one of the default tunes listed, ie “On and On”
…not the tune in the arrainger section.

I want to save an edited version on my tune, give it a new name, ie GreatTune 2, etc.
Will it save my changes, such as new instrument assignments, edited notes, etc ?

Hi Bud,

Please follow these steps to create a mixdown of a project:

  • Go to “Media/Projects” and load the project of which you want to create a mixdown
  • Tap “Mixdown” in the “Media” section
  • Choose “Create Mixdown” from the list
  • Tap the applicable button (WAV, M4A, FLAC, MIDI) and settings (Range between locators etc.)

In general, Cubasis supports Standard MIDI File Format 1 (multiple tracks, each with independent data).

Hope that helps.