[SOLVED] How to set default to 24 bit?

Is it possible to set Cubasis to default to 24 bit instead of 16 bit?

I forget most of the time until after I’ve already recorded something.

Why is 16 bit the default? Wouldn’t most people prefer to record at 24 bit?


save a template called default. Obviously set up Cubase as you want it first.

How do you save a template?
There doesn’t seem to be any option to save a project as a template.

Look harder

OK. I figured out a way to save a template.

In the projects folder there is a folder for each project and template.
The templates have .cbt at the end.
The projects have .cbp at the end.

I renamed the folder and the file inside the folder so they ended in .cbt.
Now it shows up in Cubasis as a template and asks me to specify a project name when I select it.

I’m not sure if you need to rename the folder or just the file inside, but I figured its better to keep them exactly the same.

i used ifunbox to rename them, but you could probably also just copy the whole projects folder to your PC using itunes, edit the folder name and filename and then copy the whole folder back.
I don’t think itunes will let you open the projects folder to just copy the single project. So, if you have a lot of projects, it might be a big transfer back and forth.

Hope that helps anyone else wanting to setup a custom template.


Hi Rich,

Coming up with own templates is way simpler, when using Cubasis’ snapshot function:

  • Create a project with your favoured settings
  • Open Media/Projects (and make sure the project is selected)
  • Tap the “camera” button to create a snapshot

Snapshots are file duplicates that can be created from projects in a specific state.
Please find more details in the MediaBay chapter of Cubasis’ in-app help.