[Solved] How to stop bank lock enabling itself?

I have an issue with my Oberheim Matrix 1000 in Cubase with bank lock.

Sometimes bank lock will keep re-enabling itself when I change a patch via the M1000, which usually sends me back to bank 0, other times it will change bank and patch as I move up/down patch via the M1000. (720 to 619 to 518 etc)

Sometimes it will work fine, but most the time it doesn’t and it’s very annoying.

Any ideas on what the issue could be?


It would be great to find when does it work and when doesn’t.

Please, could you check your Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter? What kind of MIDI Data is filtered Out here?

If I don’t have the track selected, there is no issue changing patches via the hardware.

Bizarrely, today there is an issue that i’ve not seen before. Rather than bank lock issues, today it frequently resets the bank to 0. It seems to do it when I select another track, then select the M1000 track again and try to change patch via the hardware. It doesn’t do it all the time though, just sometimes.

There is no such issue on other hardware I own such as a Nord Lead A1.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Could you describe your MIDI connection Setup, please? Are you using MIDI In and MIDI Out on your M1000? Where is it connected to?

The MIDI connection for the M1000 is a USB to 1x in 1x out DIN adapter, and I’m using MIDI in and out on the M1000. (I occasionally use the out for MIDIQuest.)

I’ve just tried disconnecting the out and it seems to have solved the problem. That’s not a complete solution of course since I still want to use MIDI out for MIDIQuest on occasion, but at least it’s a temporary workaround.

It seams, you are sending unwanted MIDI data from Cubase or any other currently running software.

Check all data, you are sending from Cubase. Bank Selects, All MIDI Controllers, SysEx, etc.

Thanks, filtering out controllers, bank select and SysEx worked. :slight_smile: