[Solved] How to upgrade to 7.0.7 with 7.5?

.…Now I expect I will get the weirdo’s shouting at me TROLL, TWIT etc… lambasting me for this post…

Hey David,

I have no interest in calling you troll or twit or anything else.

I’m not Helge Vogt either, but this is how I see it…if I may.

First some brief history to aid in making my point…

I was a Sonar user since Studio 6 all the way up to Sonar Producer X2a.

X1 had 4 updates to X1’d’.

That’s what it took to finally make the initial ‘flop release’ of X1 stable.

Conversely, X2 had only one update to X2’a’.

After a year of dead silence even though they [Cakewalk] were reading countless post after post on their forums of increasingly angry customers, finally broke their silence with X3 - and not only charged money for it while leaving X2a broken and abandoned, but they even increased the upgrade price!

Some of us - many in fact right on their forums - announced that we were jumping ship even before that new X3 version came out.

I, along with others, chose to come over to Cubase 6.5 this June-July [then 7.0 - 7.0.6].

Now of course, as you know, it was not necessary for me to pay $49 for Cubase 7.5 - but simply my choice.

I could have stayed with 7.0.6.

Still can if I want to. Separate versions.

For those that wish to stay and not upgrade, I think it’s admirable of SB to add one more free update for 7.0.6 as with any new version, [7.5], there are inevitable bugs that many users wish to have smoothed out before they consider an upgrade, in addition to wanting to see how others like it.

So for them, SB is still supporting THAT version [7.0.6 > 7.0.7 in Jan. 2014].

Meanwhile, SB has come up with some changes and some goodies to add for those of us that wish to pay the upgrade fee.

[For me, $49 is a no-brainer for what they’ve done & included - but that’s just me.]

For others, SB are still considering their desire to stick with 7.0.6 by adding one more update - free of charge.

Unlike Cakewalk that has done irreparable damage by ignoring & abandoning many of their long time customers with a known broken X2a version, and then having the audacity to ask for even more money than usual for something new, only to chase many of us away, I think this is a good decision by SB - covering both groups of customers.

Perhaps this provides an alternate way of looking at it all. :wink:

You can remove 7.06 if you like, it’s a totally independent installation from 7.5.

Dudius thank you for clarification. I was on Magix Music Maker premium (no laughing - it was on cheap at Amazon - worst waste of money ever ) prior to my move over to Cubase.

I had heard goods things about Cubase.

I had some VSTis that Yellow Tools produced (and were meant to be compatable with Magix until I found a flaw in their software that actually you couldn’t use the premium versions as they had looked the licence to the 12 gb version only! they were a bit ref faced but didn’t remove the bar hence I jumped ship as I know that Yellow Tools worked with this as well)

I think next time I will sit back and watch the carnage unfold before spending my dosh!

NWP As to 7.06 to 7.5 I still have problems with 7.06 files not working in 7.5. The only fix I have found is as above. What I am going to do before I unload is covert my files to the new 7.5 format so that they work.

Dudius thanks for confirming that 7.06 can be removed.

Hopefully I can now move forward and say good things about 7.5 as clearly since I got the software I have not been using 7.5 but blasted 7.06 all this time!

NWP I dont know what your problem is but if you went through all of my posts to see if I am wrong or not perhaps that shows your immaturity. But hey ho I did say I preferred the people who go around for calling people trolls, twits and the like need not apply… I have never come across a web board where people are so nasty to each other.

Look to the mirror for trolls.

the bottom line here is…cubase 7.5 is a SEPERATE program entirely. it provides several new features and plugins.
v7.0.6 was/is cubase 7 NOT cubase 7.5. the 7.0.7 update for CUBASE 7 wil be the final update for that product. if you buy the full cubase 7 at regular price today you will recieve cubase 7.5 which will also have updates during the rest of its life cycle till v8.0 comes out…then there will be a paid update (or not your choice) to v8.5 etc etc etc
its steinbergs marketing model they have ALWAYS used. i suppose they could just dispense with the .5 numbering scheme and call each new version by the next full number…we would be at cubase 16 then (or similar). 7.0.7 is final as was 6.0.x and 6.5.x…7 was a PREVIOUS version as of v7.5. the way i see it its quite considerate of them to provide a free update for a previous version as they did this year for ver 6.5.x also. i understand your meaning about
bug fixes that appeared in 7.5. THAT is WHY they did a final 7.0.7 update for the PREVIOUS version for FREE, because they are a responsible company who obviously cares about their customers unlike many others. as was stated by someone else, there has NEVER been a 100% bug free version of cubaae OR ANY OTHER DAW before the next generation is released. that is a normal sofware and hardware business model for EVERYONE including your OS developers.


OK so they are saying that when 7.07 is released there will be a 7.5.1 as well.

Helge I would say this question is now answered unless you wish to add anything to this.

This now makes more sense about the 7.07 and 7.5.

SB don’t do themselves any favours with this numbering convention.

They should when loading the new version is to remove the old version like most other software does. I don’t know of any that would keep 7.06 and 7.5 on at the same time.

I have also noted that in the 7 folder there is a file called Cubase7 which is an application.

Had 7.5 removed 7.06 altogether then the problems of files getting mixed with in 7.06 and 7.5 would have made things a lot easier.

The application needs to be renamed Cubase7 Hidden.

When you do this and right click on a file you are asked to use a file type going forward.

In the Cubase 7.5 folder locate the Cubase7.5 application.

Some of my files now open this way in 7.5 instead of in 7.06. Sadly some don’t, so you have to follow the backup route I mentioned earlier.

NWP do you mean the daily or Sunday Mirror? Yes I agree both newspapers troll for dirt.

I hope you spend more days working than asking trivial time wasting questions that one’s parents could easily answer. It’s such a large and complicated program it shouldn’t really bother any geniuses what version follows what. At this rate it’ll take you until version 25 to learn what Cubase is for. :mrgreen:
I blame the alcohol in the Christmas pudding. :laughing:
Helge hasn’t got the time. It’s half past seven…

FYI: Don’t forget they released a free update from 6.5 to 6.5.5 AFTER Cubase 7 was released! :wink:

I’m fairly confident that a 7.51 will be realeased either with the 7.07 or shortly thereafter.

I’ve been using Cubase 7 for 8 months and now 7.5 since its release and I JUST decided to update my 6.5 to 6.5.5 last week since that too is a separate installation. No issues.

Buchan = Helge actually announced the upgrade. my question was what about those who upgraded to 7.5. Did they have to regress back or not. It now turns out that this wasn’t the case. Did I expect Helge to answer now and make it snappy? No in his won time!

The subject may look strange but this is down to the amount of space provided in that box. Now I know my 7.5 is a standalone product not an upgrade.

This is a forum, and I came here expecting that people might, just might be civil with each other and share their experiences, thoughts and what they did.

As I have said this is the most uncouth forum I have ever had to deal with.

But no you had to insult my parents.


Look at your ranking FW:

Junior Member!!! Depends on your definition of member. I suspect the later! See I can be just as nasty back FW!

In all my time with Cubase I have only ever raised 4 TOPICS!

It is people like you and the other trolls on here that need to get a life stop hiding behind a screen and perhaps help people rather than insult them.



So what is the outcome that you seek?

all is well and now sorted with thanks to your link within this. I just wished I had the button to close this topic as over and done!

I emphatically did not insult your parents. In fact it was probably a compliment. To them. Not to yourself. Honestly it’s hard to understand what’s up with some people.
All that fuss about bug all. I have reported your post as it is just plain lying to cause unnecessary argument.

Simple enough, as the OP you can rename the title to something a little less unnecessarily “flamboyant”, and put something like [resolved] at the front. The thread will disappear within days.

Buchanan as you have raised a complaint against I have done the same against you. Perhaps you should think before posting such pointless comments about me ans my parents. There is no smoke without fire!!!

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