[SOLVED]I can't select nanologue as an audio input using IAA

I’ve just got Cubasis and nanologue. When trying to select nanologue as the input for an audio track, it appears in the list but cannot be selected.

I’ve got background audio activated.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Ok. I’m learning.

So if I delete the midi track that was driving nanologue I can now use it on an audio track.

I then tried to add it back to a midi track and was told it is in use.

Does this mean I can’t record the audio from a synth app if I am using a midi track to sequence it?

Right, sorted. I feel stupid now. So when you mix down a midi track it automatically renders the audio. I like that. A lot more convenient than the midi drives hardware and recorded back as audio routings that I need for Cubase.


no problem… glad you could get it fixed yourself! :wink: